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Franconia Notch

Based on the true crime book, Bad Blood, by Casey Sherman.

When the press originally reported it, Liko Kenney was a wild kid who shot Lt. Bruce McKay in cold blood during a routine traffic stop in Franconia, NH. McKay was a father and a model law enforcement officer who was killed in the line of duty, and Greg Floyd, who witnessed McKay’s murder and subsequently killed Liko Kenney, was a hero.

But that was far from the truth. Unraveling the case, with the help of retired State Police Trooper, Samuel Forrest who was a first responder the night of the shootings and Liko Kenney’s former girlfriend Chrissy Ward, investigative reporter Cassidy Delay exposes the underbelly of the real Franconia, where right is wrong, good is evil, and the truth is hardly black and white.

Cassidy digs into the pasts of the three principals in this explosion of violence and uncovers a long running feud between a troubled teen and an over zealous flatlander who stuck to the letter of the law and ran rough-shod over the young people of Franconia. She also discovers a violent, drug induced and delusional “Good Samaritan” in Greg Floyd.

Cassidy turns the fabricated story, which was originally presented to the public, on its head and exposes the real corruption and deception that was manufactured for political gain. In doing so, she allows the process of healing to truly begin for the people of Franconia.