Just in Time for Halloween! The Legend Lucy Keyes screens on Lifetime

Julie Delpy and John Stimpson on set of Lucy Keyes

Each Halloween season it is so fun to see renewed interest in my film, The Legend of Lucy Keyes.  Reporters start calling, it plays more regularly on the air, Netflix views increase.  I even had a stalker the other day!  Well, not a stalker, but an interested ghost hunter and fan.  I was actually kind of flattered.  We had some people working on our back patio and they saw a car go back and forth a few times in front of our house.  Now, you gotta understand, I live on a very quiet road… Finally the people got out of the car and asked if this was where the director of the movie, The Legend of Lucy Keyes, lives, and did they shoot the movie here?  A little creepy, I guess.


It has also been so exciting to see the careers of our actors hit the moon! Julie Delpy was absolutely wonderful in Before Midnight and I loved 2 Days in New York and 2 Days in Paris.  Justin Theroux, besides his romance with Jennifer Aniston has written and directed some amazing projects.  Iron Man 2, Tropic Thunder and his directorial debut, Dedication and the upcoming Zoolander 2.  Mark Boone Junior has been scary good on Sons of Anarchy.

Happy Halloween!