Casting for Black Car

We are now accepting submissions for my new film, Black Car. SAG/AFTRA only please. Please reply with headshot/resume and a link to your reel (if available) to The shoot will be in late May and early June in Worcester.

The film tells the story of Trudy, a law school student who gets into an "Uber" style black sedan and wakes up the next morning, confused and alone in a mysterious motel – the victim of a roofie and a rape.  Frustrated by the slow pace of the justice system, she takes matters into her own hands.  She becomes an “Uber” driver herself and goes on a vigilante crusade to find and stop the serial rapist to whom she fell victim.

We are looking for local New England actors for the following roles:

CHARLES: (20s) An overly eager admirer of Trudy’s.  They are intellectual sparring partners in their law school class, but Trudy has no interest in him romantically.  An “Uber” driver, he becomes Trudy’s mentor, showing her the ropes on the road.

DETECTIVE MARGERY TYRELL: (40s) A veteran cop, Margery is in charge of Trudy’s case.  She is sympathetic to Trudy’s plight, but unable and unwilling to push the system farther than the law will allow.

ELISE: (30s) The rapist’s potential next victim.  A wealthy divorcee who Trudy saves from being assaulted.  She provides Trudy with critical evidence.

DR. BELL: (50s) Trudy’s law professor.  He teaches a course in criminology that Trudy falls back on in her hunt for the rapist.  Dr. Bell provides legal advice and counsel to Trudy along the way.

JUAN: (20s) An Hispanic gang-banger, who gets in Trudy’s car with his buddy Carlos.  Their trip gets cut short when they learn that their friend Manuel has been shot, and Trudy must pick up the gunshot victim and bring him for help.  Juan and Carlos become unlikely allies of Trudy’s when she finally catches the perp.

CARLOS: (20s) Hispanic.  Juan’s gang-banger friend.

ROGER: (30s) The shady clerk at the motel where Trudy gets raped.  He is a critical witness in the case and it turns out he’s being paid off to keep his mouth shut.

NURSE: (40) The rape kit nurse who examines Trudy after her assault.  Sensitive and by the book.

POLICE OFFICER: (30s) The officer who shows up at the motel where the rapist has supposedly brought his next victim, and interviews him.  With no victim to be found, he must let him go free.

GIRL 1: (20) A college girl who Trudy picks up in her car.  Giggly and insensitive, she and her friend insult Trudy for being a driver.

GIRL 2: (20) Girl 1’s friend.