GHOST LIGHT wins Best Ensemble Cast and nomination for Maverick Award for Best Narrative Feature at Woodstock Film Fest!

The World Premiere at the LA Film Fest at the end of September was a smashing success with audience and critics alike. 

And another packed house at the East Coast Premiere at Woodstock last weekend!   Ghost Light was nominated as one of the best Narrative Features and given special jury honors for our outstanding ensemble cast.

Here’s what some people have been saying…

"This is what filmmaking is all about! What a terrific, fun, deliciously dark comedy! The production design alone is 'must see'… Terrence Hayes' cinematography is fabulous… Carol Kane is simply delicious and as funny as can be!"
- Debbie Elias

"Top notch production value across the board, from its killer ensemble of actors that land each of their punchlines with delight, to evocative lighting which encourages one to believe in the curse against better judgment and sharp production design… It’s mostly fresh air you feel emanating from 'Ghost Light', which pulls off no small feat in finding the humor in one of the greatest tragedies ever written."
- Stephen Saito

"First and foremost a comedy, 'Ghost Light' masters the balancing act of mixing humor with horror and manages to be a fun and genuine celebration of Shakespeare without being Shakespeare."
- Katey Stoetzel

Upcoming important dates:

Portland Film Festival  
October 24  Wednesday 9 PM 

Austin Film Festival  
October 26  Friday 4 PM 
October 30  Tuesday 10 PM

Savannah Film Festival
October 28  Sunday 10:30 AM
November 1 Thursday 9 AM